25 years of innovation - FAKRO

The Jubilee celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of FAKRO


25 years went by...

The Jubilee celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of FAKRO are composed of many events and will continue throughout the year. The first ceremony took place between 22-24 January in Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka near Warsaw. The event was inaugurated by the conference entitled “25 Years of Innovation”. Then the official Jubilee Gala of FAKRO was held. Over 500 guests from 31 countries of the world arrived to participate in this celebration. The invited guests included business partners, architects and journalists.

Jubilee Conference

A variety of activities has been prepared for guests from Poland and abroad. Panel discussions conducted by the industry experts attracted a considerable interest. The second day of the Jubilee celebrations was started by motivational speakers: Jacek Walkiewicz and Krzysztof Sarnecki. They were received with enthusiasm and their aim was to motivate guests to professional and personal development.

Herman Konings led an inspirational lecture on the current construction trends in Europe and the world, paying particular attention to the role of perspective thinking and the need to prepare the offer that meets the expectations of successive generations.

Partners and employees of FAKRO shared their passions with guests, showing the relationship between passion and business. A panel ”Passion, Health and Business – the influence of passion and physical activity on private and professional life” was attended by: Carsten Nentwig – co-founder and CEO of FAKRO Austria, Thierry Raets – co-founder and CEO of Albintra, Sebastian Talarczyk – Member of the Board of Directors, Product Management Department Director, Henryk (Zenon) Musiał – R&D Department Director, Arkadiusz Gdula – Logistics and Distribution Director, Marcin Małecki – partner in PIMAR Company, Roman Tarnowski – owner and head of Omega Company and Maciej Sawicki – Secretary General of the Polish Football Association (PZPN). All guests participating in the Jubilee also received a gift – t-shirts made of sheep wool characterized by pro-health properties and whose idea was born a few years ago in FAKRO. 

“Think About the Future Foundation” founded by Ryszard Florek, the President of FAKRO prepared a panel on the development of the construction materials market in Poland in cooperation with the Polish Federation of Producers and Distributors of Building Materials.

Ryszard Florek together with Janusz Komurkiewicz, Member of the Board of Directors presented development strategy of FAKRO. ”Our goal that we plan to achieve by 2020 is to increase global market share”, explained Ryszard Florek. FAKRO also plans to develop its product range in accordance with the company's mission, constantly ensuring the comfort of living for its customers all over the world. In 2016 FAKRO offer will be expanded with a number of new solutions in the field of roof windows, flat roof windows and – never before manufactured by FAKRO – vertical windows.

Between the Conference and Jubilee Gala

Throughout the entire event guests eagerly visited showrooms where they could learn about the latest FAKRO products. They also participated in virtual tour across the company, 3D presentation of products and watched the film. ​

During breaks guests gave interviews to FAKRO “journalists”, sharing their impressions concerning the Jubilee celebrations. They willingly talked about the history of their cooperation with FAKRO and wished further successes and prosperity.

The Jubilee Gala


The Jubilee Gala

The Jubilee Gala was hosted by well-known TV Journalists Anna Popek and Roman Młodkowski. The event was attended by over 500 guests from 31 countries of the world, including business partners, architects and journalists.​

The Jubilee was a great opportunity to sum up 25 years of FAKRO. The presentation with the history of FAKRO complemented with anecdotes from life of the company was conducted by Bożena Damasiewicz – Director of the Head Office and Paweł Kołbon – Head of the Product Training Department.



25 years of innovation - FAKRO
The most committed partners were awarded statuettes “25th Anniversary Partner” as a symbolic thanks for their cooperation and trust. Janusz Komurkiewicz – Member of the Board of Directors started the ceremony. 13 partners from Poland and 13 partners from abroad were honoured with this distinction. Polish partners received statuettes from Ryszard Florek and Adam Muller – Domestic Sales Director, while Partners from abroad were granted statuettes by Ryszard Florek in the company of Jacek Kulpa – Export Director.


The official part of the Jubilee Gala had its culmination in thanks for partners expressed by the President of FAKRO and a celebratory toast raised by Members of the Board of Directors. Then a wonderful anniversary layer cake in colours of FAKRO was brought.

There was also a film presented during the gala which is a showcase of FAKRO innovation. This film shows development of the company and technological changes which have occurred over the period of 25 years. FAKRO foreign teams also made a surprise by sending congratulations and wishes for further success. It was a delightful experience to watch videos straight from New Zealand and Kenya.  

The motion theatre “Ocelot” added splendour to our Jubilee Gala with their performance in the frame of FAKRO window. Kombii music band, a headliner of the evening made the audience sing and dance. Once the concert finished, the scene was took over by a duo Paulina Tarasińska – winner of the TV show “Clash of the Choirs” and Tomasz Dudek – experienced DJ and a radio presenter. Guests celebrated the Silver Jubilee of FAKRO till the crack of dawn.