Roof windows for a bathroom – which one to choose?

Choosing the right roof window for a bathroom is certainly not the easiest thing to do. The appropriate model should not only provide effective illumination of the entire room, but it must also be resistant to moisture generated during everyday use. Both wooden windows for the bathroom and those made of PVC are perfect for the tasks they have been designed to. Which roof windows should you choose for the bathroom within the attic space? Check out modern bathroom roof windows from FAKRO!

Roof windows for a bathroom – wooden or PVC?

When looking for a suitable roof window for the bathroom you should be guided by its appearance, size, design and price. However, the essential issue is the material used. Which roof window should you choose for the bathroom – wooden or PVC?

PVC models, also known as aluminium clad-plastic windows, are intended mainly for rooms with elevated humidity levels. Therefore, they are perfect for such spaces as bathrooms and laundries. 

These types of windows are resistant to moisture, demonstrate high resistance to acids and weather conditions, which makes them suitable for long-term use.

Roof windows for a bathroom – which one to choose?

It should also be pointed out that PVC windows are very durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, they do not need professional cleaning, while their maintenance does not require any special chemical agents. Windows also do not need renovation painting after several years of use.

Wooden roof windows intended for bathrooms are coated with a special waterproof polyurethane varnish. Its triple layer forms an aesthetically pleasing, smooth surface, therefore windows do not differ much in appearance from those made of PVC.

They are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms with temporarily increased humidity. However, wood is a very strong material and, if properly used, it can remain durable and fully functional for many years to come.

Roof windows for the bathroom from FAKRO

FAKRO is one of the most valued roof window manufacturers all over the world. The Company specialises mainly in pivot and top hung and pivot windows. All models can be distinguished by high quality, excellent thermal insulation and attractive price. 

Pivot window FTU-V

The FTU-V is a wooden pivot window with increased resistance to moisture.

Hinges in these windows are situated in the middle of their height, while a practical handle is positioned in the base of the sash. The sash can also be rotated through 180° and locked allowing safe and easy cleaning of the outer pane.

FAKRO roof windows are equipped with the topSafe system aimed at increasing operational safety and burglary resistance and the V40P air inlet ensuring a healthy microclimate. These windows are available both in manually and electrically operated versions. Wide range of additional accessories make it possible for everyone to adapt interior design to their own needs and requirements.

Roof windows for a bathroom – which one to choose?

Top hung and pivot window FPP-V preSelect

Another roof window solution are the preSelect top hung and pivot windows. It is an extremely innovative product equipped with two independent opening mechanisms – the sash can be opened outwards from the top and via centre pivot. This option ensures appropriate stability and significantly increases the operational safety.

Opening method can be changed using the preSelect sliding switch. The outward opening function enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 – 45° to ensure an easy approach to the opened window and increases operational space inside. In the pivot mode the sash can be rotated through 180° for easy cleaning of the outer pane and awning blind installation.

The preSelect top hung and pivot roof windows for bathrooms are available with double and triple glazed energy-efficient units.

Roof windows for a bathroom – which one to choose?

Both types of FAKRO roof windows for bathrooms can be purchased in wooden and aluminium clad-plastic version. Wooden windows are made of the highest quality vacuum impregnated pinewood, which is additionally coated with a triple layer of white polyurethane varnish to form perfectly smooth and durable surface without a trace of wood grains. FAKRO wooden windows come with an automatic V40P air inlet with a capacity of up to 49m3/h. These models are especially recommended for rooms with periodically elevated humidity levels such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Aluminium clad-plastic windows are constructed of multi-chamber white PVC profiles strengthened from the inside with galvanised steel. They feature high resistance to moisture and corrosion. Models in golden pine and oak veneers are also available. Aluminium clad-plastic windows by FAKRO are equipped with the V35 air inlet. They are designed for rooms with constant air humidity such as laundries and bathrooms.   

Choosing the right roof window for the bathroom should therefore primarily depend on individual preferences, needs and requirements. In addition to selecting the right material from which the window is made, the sash opening mode or the option to control using a remote control or smartphone are also crucial factors. Roof windows for bathrooms offered by FAKRO will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.