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Roof window blinds – which one to choose?

Roof windows are frequently chosen solution for attic spaces. In order to get shading and protection against high temperatures it is essential to come up with an answer in the form of blinds intended for roof windows. The modern market offers a wide range of solutions, so before making a final decision, it is worth considering all the options available and learning  about both the pros and cons of each of them. What kind of blinds for roof windows should you choose?


Roof windows for a bathroom – which one to choose?

Choosing the right roof window for a bathroom is certainly not the easiest thing to do. The appropriate model should not only provide effective illumination of the entire room, but it must also be resistant to moisture generated during everyday use. Both wooden windows for the bathroom and those made of PVC are perfect for the tasks they have been designed to. Which roof windows should you choose for the bathroom within the attic space? Check out modern bathroom roof windows from FAKRO!