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Roof windows

Modern roof windows are an optimal solution used in the construction industry as they illuminate interiors, ventilate loft spaces and provide views to the outside. What is more, installing windows in the roof is cheaper and less labour-intensive than building dormers. Roof windows are changing. Currently manufactured roof windows are products of the highest quality, featuring high durability, energy-efficiency, safety and convenient operation.

Standard pivot roof windows are being replaced by other, more modern roof window structures  more and more frequently. Windows with raised axis of rotation or top hung and pivot windows have gained recognition in the eyes of the customers since they ensure much higher functionality. 

When choosing roof windows, one must take into account functionality, energy-efficiency, safety of use and burglary resistance. Residents find all these aspects very important. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable at home. Modern FAKRO roof windows provide this peace of mind. 



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FAKRO Innovations - discover FAKRO unique solutions

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