The ARP roller blind provides protection against sunlight, pleasantly shading the interior during sunny days - FAKRO

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave

The ARP roller blind protects interiors from light, ensuring pleasant shading of the room on sunny days and enhancing its décor. A wide range of colours and abundance of fabric patterns make the blind improve aesthetics of the room and allow to choose fabric to match any interior design. Aluminium guide rails hide edges of the fabric and enable us to set the blind in any position.



  • Partial shading of the room, it disperses intense sunlight when pulled down
  • Option to stop in any position thanks to side guide rails
  • Partial protection against heat of the sun (an external awning blind to protect against heat should be used)
  • Provision of complete privacy when closed
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Wide range of colours to suit individual tastes



The blind is available in two versions:

  • ARP manually operated (universal ZST control rod is used for rolling up and down the blind fitted out of reach),
  • ARP in the wireless Z-Wave system is powered by 15V DC mains supply and operated by means of a remote control or wall switch,
  • ARP in the wireless WiFi system is powered by 15V DC mains supply and operated by means of a smartphone.
The operation of standard ARP Z-Wave is possible only when the window is closed. The blind cooperates with FAKRO electric products equipped with the Z-Wave system such as the FTP-V Electro Z-Wave window or the AMZ Z-Wave awning blind.



  • ARP

    • Operated by handmanually operated
      (or with use of the universal ZST control rod)
  • ARP Z-Wave

    • Z-wave systemZ-Wave system
    • Operated by wall switchcontrolled by wall switch
    • Operated by remote controlcontrolled by remote control

    • Smartfoncontrolled by a smartphone
    • WiFiin the wireless WiFi system

Colours of roller blind ARP - Price group I

Colours of roller blind ARP - Price group II

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