Smoke Ventilation Window FSP P1

Control units

Control units RZN, 4402-K, 4404-K, 4408-K


Control units are used for operating motors in the event of a fire as well as daily building ventilation. It is possible to connect OSD rain sensor, ZRD rain sensor, RT 45 alarm buttons, LT 84U ventilation switch. The control unit works in monitoring mode on a daily basis and is supplied from 230V AC mains. In case of a fire, the rain sensor sends a signal to the control unit which, in turn, automatically sets in motion the window motors. Because of safety considerations, the control unit is equipped with an independent power backup which allows it to work in the monitoring mode for 72 h. 

Control units RZN, 4402-K, 4404-K, 4408-K


Technical parameters RZN 4402-K RZN 4404-K RZN 4408-K
power supply 230V AC/50 Hz 230V AC/50 Hz 230V AC/50Hz
output power to 60W to 120W to 240W
rated current 2A 4A 8A
output voltage 24V DC 2 24V DC 24V DC
working temperature (-5°C) do (40°C) (-5°C) do (40°C) (-5°C) do (40°C)
dimensions 250/250/91mm 250/250/91mm 341/341/91mm
weight with batteries 4,12 kg

5,3 kg

11 kg
battery capacity 2x12V/1,3Ah 2x12V/2,1Ah 2x12V/3,4Ah


Ventilation switch LP1

The switch is utilised in smoke ventilation systems. It is used for daily opening and closing windows equipped with actuators connected to the RZN 440_-K control unit. It is designed as a flat two-button switch mounted flush with the wall. The switch is available in white.

Przełącznik wentylacji LT 84U


Technical specification LP1
Dimensions 80x80 mm
Weight 0.11 kg


LT 84U ventilation switch


Used in smoke ventilation systems for daily opening and closing windows with installed motors connected to the RZN 440_-K control unit. It has been designed as a thin, underplaster switch with two buttons. Available in white.

LT 84U ventilation switch


Technical parameters LT 84U
working temperature -10°C do +50°C
dimensions 80/80mm
weight 0,15kg


RT 45 alarm button


Used for manual operating the smoke ventilation system in the event of fire. It is equipped with diodes signalising work mode or system malfunctions. It offers also a function allowing manual alarm cancellation.

RT 45 alarm button


Technical parameters

RT 45

power supply 24V DC
alarm current 20mA
working temperature (-10°C) do (50°C)
dimensions 129 x 138 x 39mm
weight 0,35kg


ZRD rain sensor

It ensures automatic window closing in case of rain. It can co-operate with RZN 440_ - K control units. The sensor is heated, hence it is insensitive to such interference as mist, dew etc. It is installed in the open area of the roof, directly exposed to weather conditions. The signal from the sensor is accepted only when the control unit is monitoring. In the event of fire, signals from the sensor are ignored and have no effect on the window operating.

ZRD rain sensor


Technical parameters ZRD
power voltage 8-32V DC
dimensions 55/50/15mm
power cable 3x0,25mm² (5mb)


OSD 23 smoke sensor

The OSD 23 optical smoke sensor is designed to detect visible smoke, emitted in the initial stages of fire when a material is smouldering, usually long before the appearance of an open flame and a noticeable increase in temperature. The sensor is intended to work in confined spaces where normally there is no smoke, dust or condensation. One sensor supports 40 m2 room.

Czujnik dymu OSD 23


Technical specification

OSD 23

power voltage 18-28V
alarm current 20mA
working temperature (-25°C) do (55°C)
maximum relative humidity

95% przy 40°C

dimensions ø115/54mm
weight 0,15kg
power cable 2x1mm²


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