Electric control

Electric control

Roof windows are nowadays an indispensable part of the modern construction. A diversity of structures and window parameters makes them suitable for use in all types of rooms, performing various functions. Electrically operated windows gain increasing popularity, becoming an integral element of any smart home. By means of applied electronic components you can remotely open and close windows as well as operate internal and external accessories fitted on those windows. Those devices can be easily incorporated into the automation system that helps carry out daily activities, enhancing comfort and safety of use and allowing to save energy needed for heating, cooling and house illumination. Electric control largely facilitates operation, and sometimes even is a necessity if windows are mounted high beyond the direct reach of the user.

Communication between devices can take place wirelessly and by means of wires.

Today, wireless technology is developing very fast and enables communication between devices via radio waves. Controlling devices such as remote control or wall switches have a large range. Radio waves penetrate through walls and other obstacles, therefore you can manage your entire house. Controlling modules can be fitted in install boxes or wall controllers. This solution is considerably easier and cheaper than introducing additional wires in the room. FAKRO has equipped its products with a radio communication system Z-Wave.

In the case of wired communication, controlling signals are transmitted between devices through an additional wire which is run parallel to the regular electrical wiring or through a power supply line. This solution is most often used at the stage of finishing or renovating a house.

Wired control is powered by 230V mains or through power supply and controlled by means of a wall switch. It can be carried out by Electro system offered by FAKRO or other system such as KNX or Somfy.

  • Electro 230 – windows equipped with the 230V actuator and external accessories with built-in 230V motor, controlled by a wall switch,
  • Electro 12 – external accessories powered by 15V mains supply and operated by means of a wall switch,
  • KNX Ready – roof windows as well as external and internal accessories with built-in 24V motor. KNX Ready roof window comes with a sensor to adapt it to the alarm system.