Block Combination System

Combination flashing are ready made flashing systems for joining windows in groups: horizontally, vertically and in a block. The distance between windows joined horizontally and vertically is normally 10cm. If external shutters are installed on windows installed vertically, a gap of at least 20cm is required. The FAKRO combination system enables the installation of all types of windows, top hung and pivot windows as well as centre pivot. There are seven modules in the FAKRO combination system, to cater for any layout you may require. The “Module” is a single and properly marked element of the flashing and assigned to its specific place in combination.

Modułowy system zespoleń


Examples of Combinations


Single flashing


Pojedynczy moduł

Horizontal combination B2/1


Zespolenie poziome B2/1



Horizontal combination B4/1


Zespolenie poziome B4/1



Vertical combination B1/2


Zespolenie pionowe B1/2

Block combination B2/2


Zespolenie blokowe B2/2




Block combination B3/2


Zespolenie blokowe B3/2



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