Controlling devices

Adaptation modules

ZWMA4 adaptation module

Adaptation modules

The ZWMA4 adaptation module makes it possible to control FAKRO electric appliances equipped with Z-Wave module e.g. Z-Wave window or roller shutter ARZ Z-Wave with the use of other control systems. The module has four double (open - stop - close) digital inputs to which can be connected potential-free signals from various devices e.g external thermostat, time switch, the EIB system, etc. The module enable control of up to 231 devices simultaneously or in four groups maximum.

Technical parameters:

  • power supply 230VAC
  • working temperature (+5° C) to (40° C)
  • dimensions 120 x 80 x 45 mm

ZWMA1 Conversion Module

Adaptation modules

The ZWMA1 conversion module is a radio controller compatible with the Z-Wave communication protocol intended for controlling a single device or a group of devices by means of potential-free contacts. These contacts can be controlled using a wall switch e.g. LP1 or the contactor of other control system e.g. KNX, RTS. In addition, this module can cooperate with the Z-Wave controllers of other manufacturers as an additional controller.

Technical specification:

  • power supply 230V AC
  • radio protocol: Z-Wave
  • temperature: (+5°C) to (40°C)
  • dimensions: 42 x 42 x 26 mm