Installation accessories

Vertical Slat XR_


Vertical Slat XR_ enables combining two windows horizontally in B2/1 combination with a minimum distance between the windows reaching 18mm or more –100mm. The application of the Vertical Slat, enures more natural light in the room and it is less time consuming when fitting a combination of windows. Vertical Slat is made of the same material as window frames, constituting an aesthetically pleasing element joining the windows without the traditional cardboard-plaster structure. The Vertical Slat is available in two colours, thus it can be easily matched with the colour of the windows used.

  • pine (XRP)
  • white (XRU)

Auxiliary rafter XR_

Vertical Slats are available in the following lengths:

  • 200cm, 270cm, 350cm.

The selection of the Vertical Slat length depends on:

  • height of the window with which the Vertical Slat is to be installed,
  • structure of the roof (desire to obtain the optimal shape of the lining and proper air circulation after installing windows in conjunction with the Vertical Slat).



When using a narrower Vertical Slat (18mm), on the outside, the windows are connected with a special flashing EZV-A 18 DUO for corrugated roofing materials or ESV18 DUO for flat roofing materials. It is a specially prepared solution to be used with the Vertical Slat 18 mm. In the top and bottom section, the DUO flashing has a common element connecting the two windows together.

In the case of the Vertical Slat 100mm thick, there are used standard flashing for combinations, e.g.: KZV-1-P or KZV-3-P.

The window combination with the Vertical Slat, (18mm, 100mm), makes it possible to insulate around the windows frame with the use of an insulation set XDP or sheep wool tress XWW.


 Fitting instructions: