Installation accessories

Internal Linings XLC-F, XLC-P


  • Designed to ensure quick and accurate finish of FAKRO windows from the inside of the room
  • Correct air circulation thanks to adjustable angles of the upper and lower board
  • Access of light to the room
  • Proper insulation around the window in the roof structure
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Moisture resistant – made of white lightweight PVC board

Internal Linings XLW-F, XLW-P


The XLC internal lining is a system solution designed to ensure aesthetic finish around the window. The lining’s design allows it to be adjusted to the roof pitch in order to secure appropriate room illumination and air circulation within the roof window. Choosing the XLC lining gives the opportunity to quickly finish the window recess, eliminating the need for time-consuming filling or painting as in the case of the window recess made of plasterboards. 

The XLC-F internal lining is intended for wooden windows, while the XLC-P for aluminium clad-plastic windows.