FAKRO żaluzja AJP

Venetian blind AJP

The AJP Venetian blind is a popular accessory for roof windows used to regulate the amount of light entering inside. By changing the angle of slats you can control the direction of sunlight and create a unique atmosphere. Side aluminium guide rails allow for better shading of the room and enable the sash to be rotated when the blind is pulled down.



  • Reduction of heat gain in the room
  • Adjustment of slats to change the amount and direction of light entering the room
  • Partial protection against heat of the sun (an external awning blind to protect against heat should be used)
  • Option to stop in any position
  • Hiding the interior from outside observers without significant reduction of natural light
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Enhanced interior design




The AJP blind is manually operated (universal ZST control rod is used for rolling up and down the blind fitted out of reach).


  • AJP

    • Operated by handmanually operated
      (or with use of the universal ZST control rod)

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