Akcesoria wewnętrzne

Internal accessories

Elegant living room, colourful children’s room or cosy bedroom?

There’s nothing simpler than applying FAKRO internal accessories with which you can create your dream interior. A wide range of types, patterns and colours of additional equipment ensures complete harmony of the window with any interior design and helps shape a room’s character.

Another advantage of accessories is the fact that they adjust the amount and intensity of light entering the room. As a result, you can achieve shading of the room even on a sunny day when you need a rest. 

Internal accessories (excluding insect screens) are compatible with all types of FAKRO roof windows. In order to choose the right size of accessories please specify the window size to be found on the data plate situated on the window sash.



Venetian blinds AJP

A Venetian blind is a classic way to cover the window. It is made of movable aluminium slats fixed in guide rails to regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. It is a product that fits perfectly into a modern interior.

Roller blind ARS

A roller blind comes with a three-point option to ensure different levels of shading of the room. It reduces the amount of incoming light and provides complete privacy. A wide colour range makes the blind match any interior. 

Roller blind ARF/ARP

A wide range of colours and patterns makes the roller blind enhance the aesthetics of the interior and offer a number of fabrics to go with any interior design. Aluminium guide rails cover the fabric edges and enable the blind to be set in any position.


Roller blind ARF/ARP




A roller blinds comes with a fabric that allows to limit the amount of light entering the room, dispersing it and creating an impression of pleasant shading.


Roller blind ARF/ARP




The fabric used in the production of the blackout blind from the side of the glass is covered with a special silver material to allow shading of the room. Side guide rails and gasket in the bottom strip minimise the occurrence of clearances.


Roller blind ARF/ARP



ARF DreamWorks

Roller blinds with the heroes of top animated movies are an ideal solution for a children’s room. High quality graphics changes any interior, giving it joyous and light-hearted climate. The blind is made of a shading fabric, thus preventing the penetration of sun rays into the room.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds provide every interior with a modern design. They are equipped with a top-down system to ensure easy operation by means of an upper and lower bar.


Pleated blinds




It reduces the amount of light entering the room.


Pleated blinds




With their honeycomb structure, blackout blinds reduce sunlight entering the room, therefore residents can enjoy darkness in the room on the sunniest days.


Insect screen AMS

Rolled up insect screen is the only accessory which is mounted onto the lining. It is made of mesh coated with PVC and equipped with aluminium guide rails. The insect screen protects the room from mosquitoes and other insects when the roof window is open.