Installation accessories

Sheep wool tress XWW


  • Enables quick and easy insulating FAKRO roof windows from the outside

  • Between the frame and roof structure

  • Reduces thermal bridging and provides additional window insulation

  • Perfectly fills all gaps around window

  • Easy to separate and shape

XWW Insulation Tress


Sheep wool tress is used to fill the recess around the window, between the frame and roof structure. It allows easy and effective fitting additional roof window insulation. Application of this tress, significantly reduces thermal bridging.

The tress is made of specially impregnated sheep wool 50mm in diameter and 5m long. It is a natural and ecological product without any smell, it is gentle on the skin and does not cause eye irritation.

It is easy to cut and form on installation. Thanks to its high elasticity, it perfectly fills all cavities between the window and structural elements of the roof, ensuring superb insulation.


 Fitting instructions: