Installation accessories

Insulating Set XDP Thermo


  • The XDP Thermo consists of the vapour permeable collar and insulation material in the form of the insulation band. It provides system insulation of the window over the entire height of the frame when used together with the Thermo flashing – the so-called warm installation
  • The vapour permeable collar is used for quick and tight connection of the window frame with the roofing membrane. Its material is welded at the corners and turned up onto the window frame
  • When applied without the Thermo flashing, it also improves thermal performance of the window
  • Made of Eurotop membrane, the collar allows water vapour to pass from the inside while protecting against water from the outside
  • The insulation band (made of polyethylene foam) reduces thermal bridging at the connection of the window with the roof structure
  • Both the collar and band are made to measure for each window. Suitable for thee installation depths: N, V, J
  • Quick installation

Insulating Set XDP Thermo


Insulating Set XDP ThermoThe XDP Thermo set is used for quick and tight insulation of the window over the entire length of the frame. The XDP Thermo set consists of the vapour permeable collar (made of EUROTOP membrane and cut to match the window size, welded at the corners) with the installation tape and insulation band made of polyethylene foam. This material features a very low heat conduction coefficient of ʎ= 0.04 W/(m∙K). The adhesive tape is applied to the band in order to connect it with the roof window frame. The band comes with special notches for adjusting it to the roof window lining.


 Fitting instructions: