The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct


The Code of ConductThe Code of ConductThe Code of Conduct


The FAKRO Brand is not only about the highest product quality, but above all the highest quality of the Company’s employees. Each and every employee of our Company is a FAKRO Brand.

We want everyone in the world, meeting an employee from the FAKRO Group, to know what kind of person they are dealing with. Consistent values, attitudes and rules of conduct are the business card of FAKRO.

The FAKRO Code of Conduct was developed to set the canon of these values and principles with which we want to be identified.

As the President of the Management Board wrote in the foreword of our Code: "The standards included in this document reflect the Company’s policy, mission and ideals that we should all pursue in our daily work. I believe that the values enshrined in our Code will guide all FAKRO employees in their daily business life, decision-making process and achieving strategic goal.”

The CODE OF CONDUCT sends a signal to employees and business partners that FAKRO cares about consistent and well-organised cooperation.  


The Code of ConductThe Code of Conduct