30 years of FAKRO activity

The history of FAKRO dates back to 1991 and soon it became the world’s fastest growing company in its industry and a recognized global brand. There is no doubt that the father of FAKRO success is the CEO himself – Mr. Ryszard Florek, a charismatic leader who is not afraid to take risks. FAKRO is also a team of people who are real enthusiasts with innovative ideas, qualifications and commitment.  

During the first years of the company’s operation we focused our business on the domestic market. We developed the product and promoted the idea of comfortable living in the attic equipped with roof windows. We also immediately bet on high product quality, innovation and being with our new product as close to the customer as possible.

This was achieved by presenting our products at fairs, regular construction exhibitions and building material stores, the network of which we have quickly expanded. These actions resulted in FAKRO roof windows becoming recognizable in Poland and progressively among foreign customers. The first trucks with roof windows under the FAKRO brand set off to the Netherlands and Slovakia in 1994. Our windows very quickly won the favour of customers across Europe. Nowadays, FAKRO products can be found in over 50 countries around the globe.

The key customers for our industry are architects, roofers, distributors and individual investors. The trainings that we have been organizing for FAKRO partners for a number of years both in the field and at our headquarters are excellent opportunity to present the company, share experience and, above all, build friendly and long-lasting relationships.

30 years of FAKRO activity

Since the beginning of our operations we have also supported athletes and sports events. Sports sponsorship is conducive to the association of the FAKRO brand with the will to win, fair competition, dynamism and health. In doing so, we choose prestigious international actions that are appropriate to our international export activities. One of the examples of such actions is the sponsorship of the Polish national football team, which FAKRO has been carrying out continuously since 2004.

Another event that is worth mentioning are construction fairs. It is not only a place to present products and innovative solutions, but first and foremost, an opportunity to meet with customers and business partners. Live meetings are the most rewarding form of cooperation.

Innovation and development have marked the path of FAKRO from the very beginning. This is the key to success in the global market. Competition in the roof window industry is based primarily on innovative solutions. FAKRO, as one of the first companies in the construction sector in Poland, created its own R&D Department in 1993. Today, more than 100 constructors work on the development of FAKRO products. They are also the authors of over 180 patent applications. We are constantly improving the living comfort of our customers, which is possible thanks to increasing the quality and functionality of our products.

Innovations and innovative solutions in the field of products, machines and production technology are with us from the very beginning of our activity. The turning point, however, took place in 2004 when FAKRO introduced a unique product to the market, namely the preSelect top hung and pivot window featuring two independent opening functions that ensure stability and safety of use. To this day, it is one of the most innovative roof windows on the market.

Since the establishment of our company, the needs and expectations of our customers and their lifestyle have changed a lot. Large glazed surfaces, so fashionable today, are in line with the trend of sustainable and eco-friendly construction. The products we offer combine modern design and solutions that guarantee a large amount of daylight with safety and ease of operation. Modern architecture also requires combining many joinery elements into one system consistent in colour and technology.

In addition to modern construction, there is a need for thermal efficiency improvement of buildings constructed in old technologies. This is necessary for economic reasons as well as to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and minimise the ubiquitous smog. We already have system solutions for this segment which allow to replace old windows with new ones.

Our products have evolved along with changing customer needs. Specialist knowledge and experience from different countries and continents let us constantly surprise our customers with new solutions. A good example is the series of flat roof windows which can be used as the entrance to the terrace or as the glazing in green roofs. 

FAKRO introduces new products to the market every year. In 2021 we focus on the smartHome idea. It is a concept of an intelligent home in which all joinery elements such as vertical windows, roof windows, external doors and garage doors are operated remotely, creating a comfortable home.

FAKRO smartHome is based on the Z-Wave technology – a complete, wireless radio communication system. 

All FAKRO products have been offered in electrically operated version for several years now, standing behind warm and energy-efficient home which responds dynamically to the user’s needs and unpredictable weather conditions.

A new thing prepared for 2021 are autonomous products. These products are not connected to the mains, but powered by means of batteries continuously charged by photovoltaic panels. In addition to the Solar type awning blinds, these are Solar pivot windows and Solar internal blackout blinds. Each of these elements has its own solar panel and battery pack. Windows can be installed anywhere in the attic, without having to modify the electrical system. The Solar products can also be connected to the smartHome network and operated via a remote control or smartphone.  

The jewel in the crown of FAKRO joinery are exclusive wooden and aluminium vertical windows under the FAKRO Innoview brand. The wide range of FAKRO windows is completed with roof window accessories, external awning blinds for vertical windows, garage doors and loft ladders.

FAKRO products comprehensively satisfy all customer needs in the field of construction joinery.