Exclusive facade joinery FAKRO INNOVIEW

Buildings in which we live and work should not only be functional, but also durable and aesthetic. In order to success in achieving this goal, we need reliable products that work together both in terms of use and visual appeal.

FAKRO, associated so far mainly with solutions for attic spaces, has taken advantage of years of experience to develop high quality INNOVIEW vertical windows and, supplementing the set of facade joinery, INNOVIEW LINE products.

The exclusive FAKRO INNOVIEW line completed the Company's offer, allowing to bring the building to a closed state based on the products of one manufacturer.

FAKRO INNOVIEW wooden-aluminium windows are top class products. Wood is a timeless material and can serve for many years to come when properly protected. Window profiles made of wood stand behind a classic

and natural interior climate. On the outside, they are effectively protected by an aluminium cladding, which provides a solid and stylish finish to the product. Wooden and aluminium profiles are available in a number of colours to give each vertical glazing an individual character.

HST Sky terrace doors

The flagship product of the FAKRO INNOVIEW brand is the HST Sky terrace door in which the glazing unit of the non-opening section is fitted directly in the threshold and frame of the sliding door, significantly increasing the glazing area and the amount of light entering the room.

This solution provides impeccable aesthetics and makes the boundary between the interior and the surrounding environment disappear.

INNOVIEW solutions offer excellent technical parameters. They are also compatible with the FAKRO smartHome management system, which further enhances their functionality.

Exclusive facade joinery FAKRO INNOVIEW

Awning blinds for vertical windows

Exclusive facade joinery FAKRO INNOVIEW

VMZ awning blinds available in the INNOVIEW LINE series are highly practical solution, providing users with protection against excessive heat gain inside on hot days. It should be pointed out that they also guarantee the flow of natural light to the room. Additionally, thanks to side guide rails, completely pulled down awnings act as insect screens.

Entrance doors

Exclusive facade joinery FAKRO INNOVIEW

The INNOVIEW LINE range also includes high quality entrance doors. Robust, wood-aluminium design ensures high thermal insulation performance and durability for many years. Anti-burglary solutions offer a sense of security, while the option to equip the product with a fingerprint reader and a special Z-Wave remote control lock increase the practical features and convenience of use.

Garage doors

Exclusive facade joinery FAKRO INNOVIEW


INNOVIEW LINE garage doors are produced using the highest quality materials. The aesthetics of their manufacture, wide range of models from classic to modern ones as well as colours of accessories and automatic control allow to match garage doors to individual customer preferences. Security and anti-burglary systems ensure peace of mind for property and protection of household members.