May 11 World No Litter Day

May 11 World No Litter Day



How do we reduce production waste at FAKRO?

We produce huge amounts of waste every day. “We produce” may be a misleading term, but chocolate bar wrappers or milk cartons are our daily waste production. When we add to this the vast scale of production waste, we are talking about a global problem. At FAKRO, we are aware that waste reduction is a necessity. And it is not just about meeting EU guidelines. We believe that thoughtful actions can affect the future of our planet.



May 11th is special for us because we celebrate World No Litter Day. On this day, we remind you how important it is to segregate waste.


Waste management is an extremely important issue, because we are responsible for what we generate - not only directly. Unfortunately, everything that can harm the environment is the result of our actions.


At FAKRO, we are fully aware of how our conduct as an organization affects the environment, which is why we have implemented and continue to implement many activities aimed at eliminating and minimizing negative effects on the world.


What do we do?

Due to our extensive activity on many levels, we can implement solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.

  • We use appropriate software so that we can optimize the cutting of glass, materials, and wood.
  • We cut smaller pieces of glass from waste material, which significantly reduces the amount of waste.
  • We use defective wooden elements for the production of pallets, and we repair damaged ones, giving them a "second life".
  • We make assembly hooks from waste aluminum sheet.
  • We use production automation, thanks to which we reduce the number of silicones used for the production of access covers.
  • We changed the way we apply silicone, thanks to which we significantly reduced the amount of waste in the form of used packaging.


We strive for a better future. Our target is innovation and ecology. The green color is not only inscribed in our visual identity but is also the source of our GO GREEN philosophy. We design, plan, and produce with care for the natural environment. All this to contribute to a better future for our children.