Opening up - the space in your room. Top hung and pivot window FPP-V preSelect MAX

We all value our living space. The more space we have around us the more comfortable the living conditions are. The new, innovative FPP-V preSelect MAX roof window provides for greater space within the room by offering an unique outward opening function that allows easy operation and unrestricted views of the outside.

The innovative preSelect MAX window is based on the original version of the unique top hung and pivot window from FAKRO, but now allows the sash to be opened up to 45°, which is nearly 30% more than when compared to the previous model. This significant improvement allows for better use of the additional space created within the room, and it is possible for even tall person to walk up to the window edge and enjoy a view of the sky or surrounding areas.


Opening up - the space in your room. Top hung and pivot window FPP-V preSelect MAX

The modification also includes a change in the position of the sliding switch in the preSelect MAX window. In a new version it is placed in the bottom part of the frame for improved comfort and operation. The switch is used to change the opening function of the window, yet it is invisible when the window is fully closed. When opening the window the unique sliding switch is revealed and allows the user to choose which mode of operation they wish to operate the window in. In pivot mode the sash will rotate 180° and can be locked into position to facilitate the safe and easy cleaning of the outer glass. The innovative hardware system guarantees the complete stability of the sash in both opening functions.


The introduction of an enhanced hardware system now allows to produce large-sized windows, including triple-glazed ones. The window size 134cm x 160cm gives an exceptional glazed area of 1.63m2. The preSelect MAX also complies with emergency requirements (subject to size criteria).

A number of unique features known from the previous model have been incorporated into the new preSelect MAX window – features such as the topSafe anti burglary system which gives enhanced safety and security as well as burglary resistance, while the use of thermoPro technology increases the product durability and the energy efficiency levels.

In addition, the V40P air inlet fitted in the window structure automatically adjusts the air flow channel to provide an optimum amount of air into the room. This also gives a healthy micro-climate, energy savings and reduced heating costs.

The window comes with a quadruple sealing system to give high levels of weather performance and greater air tightness. A glazing seal provides additional tightness in extreme weather conditions and reduces the possible micro vibrations of the external claddings during heavy rain or high winds.

The external glass used in the preSelect MAX range is toughened and has a lifetime guarantee against damage by hail stones. In addition, the window can be fitted with a wide range of additional accessories that enhance interior design as well as protect the room from overheating and intense sunlight.