A breath of fresh air

A well thought-out design breathed new life to the building arrangement in the Nowy Werdon housing estate in Ruda Śląska. It effectively combines features that seemingly exclude each other.

Balanced composition

How it is possible that the new building in the Nowy Werdon housing estate that is under construction combines opposing features? Let’s start from the beginning. In the place of the newly designed buildings stood the so-called familoks (a type of house for many families) that represented traditional Silesian architecture. They were demolished in 2016. A new design assumed a reference to the old buildings that are an inseparable part of the region’s identity. The outcome is a building that successfully combines the features of good architecture, reference to the tradition and is a breath of fresh air among nearby buildings. The building stands out with its appearance, but at the same time it harmoniously fits into the surrounding landscape. It has a modern style, but also refers to older buildings. Its shape is simple and clean, yet its image is very expressive. This building has a true character.

Elements of a coherent whole

The new building refers to the historic buildings in the area with its size, sloping roof covered with tiles and a red-brick facade. Its contemporary character is evidenced by the minimalism and simplicity from the outside and indoors as well as the installation of an elevator. A number of modern technologies applied include FAKRO roof windows that fill the interior with natural light and ensure the supply of fresh air. In addition, large glazings in the form of proSky windows and combinations of pivot and L-shaped combination windows create a unique design and distinct style of the building. Balconies, terraces and windows enrich the aesthetics of the whole building, while the sophisticated style goes hand in hand with practical aspects so important for future residents.

A breath of fresh air