A bright office under one’s own roof

The owners of the house in Roosendaal (Netherlands) decided to adapt an unused attic. Since one of them is an architect, they knew exactly what they needed and what effects they wanted to achieve. Today, the modernised attic is mostly used as a home office. FAKRO roof windows have brought a completely new atmosphere there.

Home office. Luxury or necessity?

Home office has become a standard. We don’t waste time commuting and in traffic jams, while the employer doesn’t have to rent and equip office spaces. That is why we decide more and more often  to adapt the home space for this purpose. It turns out that the perfect place is the space under the roof. The condition for that is very good lighting.

Light is the foundation

We all know very well that the best light for work is the natural one. It is not only the healthiest for our eyesight, but is also conducive to concentration, increases performance and improves well-being. Therefore, the project of this home office would not be complete without windows. The owners chose FAKRO white preSelect Max roof windows installed in a combination.

Windows and blinds made for each other

The preSelect MAX window is extremely functional. It comes with two opening methods: top hung and pivot that are comfortably changed by means of a special switch placed in the base of the frame. The entire sash in these windows is tilted upwards to result in additional space in the attic. The sash can be rotated for easy cleaning. The window also comes with an automatic air inlet which provides an optimum amount of fresh air inside. An excellent accessory to go with the window is the ARF internal blackout blind, which is ideal for sunny days when the light becomes too intense and work on the computer is not possible. The blind allows the user to control the amount of light entering the room.

Essential in the office

This home workplace is dominated by orderly minimalism. There are no unnecessary things that could distract, but there is a sturdy desk with storage space for documents. Plants stand behind a friendly character and style. Natural greenery has a huge impact on well-being and additionally livens up this raw interior.

Location: Roosendaal, Netherlands

Products: FPU-V preSelect Max windows, ARF blackout blinds