A cosy bedroom in a sunny attic

The space under the roof of this Dutch house has been completely transformed into a stylish bedroom. Where once there was a dark attic with only one small skylight, now there is a lovely bedroom abundant in natural light. Four FAKRO roof windows breathed there a new life.  

Comfortable night zone

Modern trends promote the division of residential buildings into day and night zones. The first one is usually located on the ground floor with full access for all household members and guests. The night zone, on the other hand, is separated from the rest of the house. The attic is an ideal place to set up such space as it brings about an undisturbed rest under the sky. The combination of four FAKRO windows lets wonderful sunlight fall inside and makes us feel alive. When we want to rest, it is enough to take advantage of blackout blinds fitted on windows to enjoy desired darkness in the room.

Stylish combination

Light walls and windows that allow in plenty of daylight made this little attic space seem much larger. Wooden beams connected to the roof structure, which have been preserved, give the interior a unique touch to result in a one-of-its-kind intimate bedroom.

Made for each other

FAKRO wooden roof windows in white were chosen for the bedroom. Positioning the handle in the bottom section of the sash allows for convenient operation of the window and its two-step micro-opening. In addition, windows come with an efficient automatic V40P air inlet, which provides an optimum amount of fresh air into the room and ensures a healthy micro-climate even when they remain closed. The vertical combination of windows with the FXU non-opening windows increased the field of view and the influx of even more natural light inside. To ensure a comfortable space in the attic, all windows are equipped with the ARF blackout blinds in a light beige shade. Blinds further underline the style of this intimate room and, together with windows, turned it into a full-fledged living space.

Location: Breda, Netherlands

FAKRO products: FTU-V pivot windows, FXU combination windows, ARF blackout blind