A modern kitchen bathed in sunlight

The owners of this modern house in Groesbeek have recently renovated their kitchen. The corner windows present there did not let much sunlight in. For this reason, they decided to take advantage of the original roof to install there additional windows to illuminate and brighten the interior. Roof windows fitted high in the ceiling allow in a maximum amount of light that gives joy and stimulates to work. See how does the place where delicious food is made look now.

More means better

Two large electrically operated pivot roof windows in the wireless Z-Wave system were installed in the roof above the kitchen. Now windows can be easily controlled by means of a remote control or even smartphone. When you need to ventilate the kitchen it is enough to pick up the remote control or smartphone and open or close the window with simply one click. Windows chosen for this kitchen are coated with three layers of white polyurethane lacquer to create perfectly smooth surface. This makes them extremely resistant to moisture, therefore they are excellent answer to be applied in bathrooms and kitchens.

Ideal solution

The V40P automatic air inlet is fitted in the upper part of the frame. It stands behind the right amount of fresh air and healthy microclimate even when windows remain closed. The comfort of use has been further increased by equipping them with a rain sensor that automatically initiates the sash closing function when the first rain drops appear.

Perfect match – black & white

The kitchen is decorated in black and white. Dark furniture, fittings and household appliances perfectly contrast with the white colour of walls and light wooden floor. Vertical windows placed in the corner on two walls with black blinds fitted on them are in opposition to white roof windows to result in exciting effects.

Project details:

FAKRO products: FTU-V Z-Wave wooden pivot windows

Location: Groesbeek, Netherlands