A new beginning

Damaged and dirty facade of this former warehouse situated in Gliwice did not encourage people to get inside. The building, once fulfilling a practical function, was neglected for years and scared with dark damp spots on the walls and areas of exposed, bare brick. However, simple shape of the building and interesting facade showed the potential to turn it into a real work of art. The large space inside provided the opportunity to use the building for a very practical purpose.

Tailored to the needs

The building is one of the facilities of the Upper Silesian Educational Centre in Gliwice. As part of the renovation, the plan included creating specialist laboratories: automation, 3D modelling, electrical measurements, heat treatment of metals and others. As the interiors have an abundance of natural light, students preparing for their professions can enjoy a comfortable learning environment. The FTP-V U5 pivot roof windows stand behind effective room illumination, while also providing perfect thermal insulation performance. Daylight has a positive effect on work efficiency and well-being of people staying inside. In addition to 50 pivot roof windows, the project incorporated 18 smoke ventilation windows. The FSP smoke ventilation window by FAKRO not only offers an obvious function of smoke extraction, but can also be used as an additional source of light in the building.

A new appearance

Renovated building of the Upper Silesian Educational Centre looks fresh and stylish from the outside. When looking at it, one can see subdued colours, cleanliness and elegance. Roof windows set at the right depth within the roof slope, feature impeccable aesthetics, enriching the entire visual effect.