Attic full of light

Until now, the attic space in one of Moscow's single-family house has been used as a “football” pitch. Undeveloped area inspired its residents to spend time actively. However, their desire was to change the attic into a more functional one. That is why the family eagerly joined TV show thanks to which they could expect designer and practical attic design.


Attic full of light

A designer completely transformed the attic and opened the space by removing partition walls and the ceiling. Its geometry was emphasised by the use of visible wooden elements. The interior was illuminated with natural light by installing four FAKRO roof windows.

Currently, the larger part of the attic area serves as a relaxation area, consisting of comfortable leather poufs and a kitchenette. This is a perfect place to spend time lazily. The electric FTP-V Z-Wave roof windows have been installed to enhance comfort of use as they are operated by means of a remote control. These windows are equipped with energy-efficient, single-chamber U3 glazing unit. To control the light entering the room, the electric ARF Z-Wave blackout blinds are used since they provide gradual shading until complete darkening of the interior.


The designer has also transformed a storage for tools into a “cosy cave” with a fireplace. Now it is an excellent area to have talks and calm down after a hard day's work.