Awning blinds perfectly integrated into the house

The owners of this lovely house carried out a comprehensive modernisation outside. When renovating the façade, they decided to equip their largest windows with a modern and comfortable solution. They chose FAKRO VMZ Solar awning blinds, which successfully get rid of the problem of excessive heat gain in the room.

Effective protection against heat

Large windows in the house look marvellous as they provide plenty of life-giving light in the living room and at the same time allow for contact with the surroundings. Unfortunately, big glazed areas are also responsible for overheating. By installing awning blinds on the outer side of windows, the inflow of hot air into the living room was blocked. Simultaneously, natural light penetrates freely into the room. As a result, awning blinds do not restrict the view, while the sun does not heat up the interior.


The VMZ Solar awning blinds take advantage of solar energy in the most efficient way. They are powered by an integrated solar panel that converts sunlight into energy used for their control. Thanks to using the solar panel, the owners did not have to run electrical wires to supply electricity as awning blinds are controlled via a remote control that works with the Z-Wave protocol. This means that each awning can be individually operated.

Nice and practical

Awning blinds for vertical windows are not only a practical and comfortable solution, but also a very aesthetic one. Design and finish of awning blinds made it possible not only to integrate them into the structure of the building, but also to match the colour of windows.

Awning blinds also act as an insect screen as on warm summer evenings one can sit freely with windows open without fear of being bitten by insets.

Location: Groesbeek, Netherlands

Products: Awning blinds for vertical windows VMZ Solar