Be close to the nature

Shapes of modern houses reflect the character and preferences of their owners. Even though these shapes stand out against the background of traditional buildings, they fit perfectly into the natural environment. This solution is particularly appreciated by people who want to be close to nature. It’s no wonder that the owners of the house in Józefów opted for simple, geometric shapes with large glazed areas. A huge number of trees and picturesque areas around the mouth of the Świder River ask to be invited inside. This has become possible thanks to FAKRO’s INNOVIEW line of windows and doors.​


Strength, longevity, constancy

Pine is one of the favourite trees of the inhabitants of Józefów. Its symbolism perfectly expresses their values. Not surprisingly, it became the leitmotiv of the house. Strength, longevity, constancy – these three words that mean so much.


Heart of the house

Bright interior colours, wooden furniture and floors. Separate living and sleeping areas. However, the most eye-catching is the spacious living room, the extension of which is a terrace. This is the heart of this house. With HST INNOVIEW large-sized sliding doors creating an invisible glass wall, rooms are closely adjacent to each other. What is important, this glass passage is separated by a low threshold that does not impede movement in any way. Despite their large size, HST lift and slide doors are extremely convenient to use, while huge glazed areas let even more sunlight inside.  

Be close to the nature


Appearance isn’t everything

When choosing windows, we look not only at their aesthetic values, but above all at their functional features. The owners of the house in Józefów cared about high technical parameters and prioritised functionality. A great example of this is the choice of kitchen windows in the FIX + RU combination, namely a non-opening window and a small tilt and turn window. The application of this solution allowed to illuminate the kitchen while minimising the opening zone of the window sash. As a result, the owners could enlarge the kitchen working area without compromising the ingress of light. FAKRO INNOVIEW large-sized windows and doors open the space found inside the house, transform the interior design and change the perspective as well as the view, making them an important consideration in the design of any house. 


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