Marki, a town of slightly more than 30,000 residents, located just half an hour’s drive from Warsaw. A picturesque neighbourhood dominated by green areas, parks and forests. An ideal place to live for families who appreciate the proximity of a large metropolis, while wishing to enjoy the charms of a quiet surroundings.


In recent years, one can notice the development of forward-looking architectural designs that introduce innovative solutions and take advantage of modern materials. This is exactly what the owners of a spacious single-family house in Marki decided to do. Straight lines, low-pitched roof, large glazed and geometric shapes. Simplicity of form and aesthetics giving the impression of elegance and functionality. White and grey façade highlights modern nature of the building and reflects excess solar energy to result in comfortable indoor conditions. Black cladding on FAKRO INNOVIEW vertical windows adds character and elegance to the house. The combination of wood and aluminium stands behind high durability and aesthetics. Windows equipped with a triple-glazed unit offer increased insulation and soundproof performance, ensuring excellent conditions inside the building.



The HS double-leaf terrace doors from FAKRO create harmonious connection between the internal and external environment. Equipped with state-of-the-art mechanisms, they allow easy opening and closing as well as air flow regulation. The goal of the owners was to get a spacious and functional living room abundant in natural light. FAKRO INNOVIEW vertical windows fitted above terrace doors establish an impressive composition and open the view to the large garden. Large glazed surfaces let plenty of natural light inside, optically enlarging the space. Intense and at the same time refined colours sit side by side with the geometric form of furniture. The glamour style is mixed here with a number of modern elements. Pine window frames add warmth and organic feel, fitting perfectly with the eclectic living room design. Equally artful effect is provided by window frames made of pinewood or exotic one, namely Meranti. The manufacturer makes it possible to choose the frame colour from the full RAL palette in two gloss types – matt and satin. The wood profile shape is up to the customer as well. The owner of the house in Marki opted for the Regular option – straight and modern. An alternative is the Classic profile with a slight 12° slope and smooth line. This modern house is a stark contrast to the classic houses in the neighbourhood. It exudes elegance with its simple yet sophisticated design. Clean lines, minimalist structures, large glazed areas and high quality materials create an exceptional impression of harmony and luxury.



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