Holiday retreat complete with sunlight

Deep in the countryside of Bishop Auckland, surrounded by charming scenery, sits a unique building that has been transformed by the installation of FAKRO roof windows.

This holiday home, that now rests atop Briar Hill, experienced a complete

realignment when it underwent a conversion from its previous barn state.

Its owner, Mr Johnson, knew roof windows would be a fundamental component of the project. To both take advantage of the rich views and admire the ‘outstanding natural beauty’, a variety of FAKRO roof windows were incorporated.

Mr Johnson decided on FAKRO roof windows because he was ‘particularly impressed with their build quality’ – and his team were amazed at how tamper-proof they were too. This is thanks to FAKRO’s topSafe reinforced anti-burglary system, which works seamlessly with the 2-in-1 interchangeability of the preSelect window. Plus, the FAKRO window’s handle is placed at the bottom for easy accessibility, completing the package and reassuring Mr Johnson that he’d found the ideal solution for his holiday home. 

I have no hesitation in recommending FAKRO - the build quality is impeccable and the technical support was brilliant! - Steven Johnson, Property Owner.

It was also noted that the combination windows, in addition to the preSelect top hung mode, created the illusion of a balcony – providing access right to the edge of the opening. Once installed, the FAKRO products looked particularly ‘smart and modern’, further enhancing the aesthetics of the new holiday home. In regards to durability of the products, the building is situated in a particularly unpredictable area where weather can be extreme. Despite this, the FAKRO roof windows have successfully withstood all weather conditions they have faced.

The windows look absolutely amazing! They are one of the main features of the building. - Steven Johnson, Property Owner.

With lots of light pouring into this home, fantastic views of the countryside have also been achieved. Mr Johnson is ecstatic with the results; they’re certainly a pivotal element of the project. This stunning development was worth the three years it has taken to complete!

Once a lonely, empty barn is now a thriving holiday home, guaranteed to offer a cosy retreat for holiday goers for years to come.