Light that builds the future

Barely a few kilometres from the Venetian Lagoon the H-Farm campus is located. One of the most important innovation centres in Europe was built in the 40-hectare del Silo Park following the principles of sustainable development. The centre provides all residents with comfort and well-being.

Perfect ecosystem

The H-Farm’s business model consists of three main pillars. The first are investments as the farm’s goal is to invest in at least 20 start-ups a year. The second involves offering consulting services in the field of modern technologies for traditional companies. Diesel and Porsche, among others, benefit from the H-Farm. The third pillar is education, which aims to shape a new generation of innovators. Students from all over the world are provided here with all levels of education – from primary school to master’s degree. It is on the farm that young people are educated and new business models are created that take advantage of the latest technologies and digitalisation. The H-Farm is a common space for professionals, entrepreneurs and students who live and work together. This stimulates the exchange of ideas and brings new development opportunities into existence.

The best light for building the future

The H-Farm campus comprises a number of facilities such as school buildings, sports centre and a library with its shape imitating a natural green hill that blends perfectly into the landscape. Educational and sports spaces at the H-Farm are flooded with natural light. It is all thanks to extraordinary FAKRO flat roof windows since more than 170 pieces have found their place there. The sunlight penetrates virtually everywhere into all interiors and allows their pleasant and effective use for many hours every day, even in autumn and winter seasons. What is more, equipping windows with the automatic control stands behind optimal management of natural light at any time of the year.

Domed flat roof windows

Type C flat roof windows by FAKRO prove excellent at the H-Farm. Both non-opening and electrically operated models in the Z-Wave system were installed. These are windows manufactured using multi-chamber PVC profiles that combine high mechanical parameters, soundproof and insulation performance. They are equipped with safe, anti-burglary double- glazed units with internal glass laminated. Windows are topped with a polycarbonate dome that is impact and weather resistant.