Metamorphosis of the reading room in the attic

Poorly illuminated private library situated within the attic space in one of the single-family houses in Russia has been completely transformed. From now on, reading enthusiasts can enjoy a bright space with an abundance of natural light filling the interior by means of seven roof windows. The family owes a modern, yet a cosy design to interior designers involved in producing TV show presenting modernisation of attics.


The attic space was opened by removing partition walls. So far, the only supply of natural light was provided by two fixed round windows that did not ensure enough amount. Having these conditions in mind and no doubts, architects gave a new character to the interior and enriched with a stunning view of the lake that can be admired through seven FAKRO roof windows.


Metamorphosis of the reading room in the attic

The project incorporates wooden top hung and pivot FAKRO FPP-V preSelect windows equipped with energy-efficient U3 glazing unit. In addition, a healthy micro-climate in the attic is secured by fitting windows with the automatic V40P air inlet that provides an optimum amount of fresh air into the room.

"The room has become noticeably bigger! Windows are very functional, while their operation is simple. Applying windows allowed us to get an extraordinary view of the lake. Time spent in the attic brings us closer to nature where we can enjoy the birds singing or the sound of falling raindrops. You just don't want to leave this space! Now everything is within easy reach: books, PC, comfortable chairs, poufs and a table for board games”, commented by resident of the house.


Dominant colours in the room are white and fashionable grey. This place features an ecological style, walls are covered with wood in white colour, while the whole is liven up by light entering inside through FAKRO windows and colourful décor elements. An unconventional solution are two walls finished with plexiglass and wood additionally illuminated by means of LEDs from the inside. This is certainly the brightest room in the house conducive to reading. In turn, ARS roller blinds by FAKRO ensure variable reduction of incoming light and enhance room décor.