WikiHouse in Almere

Tired of your surroundings? The WikiHouse can even be moved! WikiHouse has been a popular concept in the home construction scene for quite some time. Nowadays this concept is gaining popularity in countries all over Europe, such as the WikiHouse project in Almere, the Netherlands. Building your own house, how does that work?


WikiHouse in Almere

The concept

People would like to be self-sufficient more and more, cost reduction being their main motive. The WikiHouse concept has been devised to help achieve this. A WikiHouse is simply a kit that anyone can download or design from the internet. You can basically create your own house from scratch. The house is designed in such a way that only a few different materials are required. The kit consists of plywood sheets (these provide extra stability) and the screws and bolts are kept to a minimum. In addition, daylight is of course indispensable in a living space. The FAKRO roof windows come in handy here. The windows and doors are installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and made airtight. Installing the windows and doors takes about a day’s work.


The Almere project

The first WikiHouse in the Netherlands was built in the city Almere. Ultimately, around 15 to 25 of these flexible homes will be created. Participants who sign up for this are allowed to design the entire home themselves.

Optimal flexibility

Tired of your surroundings? The WikiHouse can even be moved! The kit is easy to dismantle and therefore not tied to one location. Would you like to design and build your own house? Do you want to be self-sufficient and flexible? Then this project might be something you would like to be a part of.