FAKRO at CONSTRUMA 2016 trade show

FAKRO which is the second largest manufacturer of roof windows and loft ladders in the world actively participated in the 35th Construma International Building Trade Exhibition held in Budapest between 6 and 10 April 2016. The company presented their innovative solutions on the stand covering the area of nearly 100m2.

The exhibition featured a wide range of FAKRO products such as roof windows, light tunnels, solutions for flat roofs and loft ladders. The company showed innovative products designed for flat roofs: DRF flat access roof light and DXW flat roof window ensuring a safe walk across its entire surface as well as the type F window featuring modern design which have been recognized with the prestigious award Red Dot Design 2016.

During the trade show, FAKRO put strong emphasis on promoting products manufactured using a new thermoPro system. It increases energy-efficiency performance, provides greater durability, ensures excellent tightness and facilitates the installation process of roof windows. In order to popularize this system the company came up with a promotion refund to a bank account up to 80 000 HUF for individual customers (held between 06.04 and 31.05.2016). The promotion included products manufactured using thermoPro system and energy-efficient windows FTT U6 and U8.

FAKRO also encouraged visitors of the stand to take part in the lottery (held between 06.04 and 31.05.2016) in which they could win a trip to France combined with participation in a sporting event.

The stand particularly exhibited new products: electrically controlled FTT Thermo Z-Wave window which is the most energy-efficient roof window with a single glazing unit available in the world, the SRS-L flat light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube and the FWP insulated access roof light. Naturally, the stand also featured innovative FGH-V Galeria roof window in which after opening the sashes convert into a functional balcony and the largest single-frame FYP-V window available on the market whose height can reach 206cm. The VMZ Z-Wave awning blinds for vertical windows have been presented as well.

In addition to presenting innovative products, FAKRO stand provides extreme show of bicycle acrobatics to prove the safety of the DXW flat roof windows. Our company guarantees an unforgettable experience! 

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