FAKRO Netherlands celebrated cooperation during the Dutch Building Fair

During the Dutch Building Fair ‘BouwBeurs’ edition 2017, from 6 till 10th February, FAKRO Netherlands showcased the strength of cooperation. Innovative products were shown on the FAKRO stand during the fair and a special event was organized which celebrated working together.

FAKRO at BouwBeurs 2017

The ‘BouwBeurs’ is the biggest construction fair in the Netherlands, held once every two years. This year the FAKRO stand featured a selection of innovative products and even prototypes. One of these prototypes was the DEF Solar; a fully self-sufficient flat roof window. It generates it’s own energy via integrated solar cells in the glass frame. It showcased the possibilities of FAKRO products and how the company is constantly improving products and creating solutions for tomorrow. In the category Smart Home, electrical Z-Wave products were displayed. Instead of being operated by FAKRO remote controls, the products were controlled by a different Domotica system. This shows the FAKRO Z-Wave protocol is also suitable to connect with other domotica systems around the world and thus suit the needs and demands of users everywhere.

Furthermore, FAKRO Netherlands displayed a unique solution that meets the high demands set by the Dutch government for ventilation and daylight in a building. Together with BUVA, manufacturer of ventilation units, FAKRO created a perfect solution that displays the quality of each brand; a high-end roof windows combined with a nearly soundproof ventilation with a very high ventilation capacity. It’s a good example of how collaboration between brands can lead to new solutions.

Last but not least, there was one other solution generating a lot of exposure during the fair. Solar panels are becoming a common sight on Dutch roofs and are an important factor in sustainable living. During the fair FAKRO Netherlands demonstrated how such a solution can be beautifully combined with daylight. The stand featured a combination between a PV roof, a PV façade and FAKRO windows. It created a complete energy façade, with daylight and ventilation integrated for healthy living.

CONNECT in Villa Jongerius

During the BouwBeurs FAKRO Netherlands also opened the doors of Villa Jongerius for an exclusive event; CONNECT. The CONNECT event was hosted by FAKRO and co-hosted by BeNext, TULiPPS, Lamikon and BUVA. It celebrated cooperation and focused on sharing experience and knowledge in an open setting. Architects, building corporations and contractors were invited to come to the Villa and connect and share their ideas for creating sustainable and durable solutions. The villa also proved to be the perfect start for visiting the Bouwbeurs. Visitors could park their car, enjoy a wonderful meal and walk to the BouwBeurs in less than 5 minutes.

The CONNECT event was a great success. Many people attended and shared their ideas and new ideas where created for the future. The event, which was held for the first time, is the start of new collaborations and ideas.