FAKRO becoming a member of the UN Global Compact

FAKRO becoming a member of the UN Global Compact


FAKRO has joined the UN Global Compact. In December 2022, FAKRO together with the UNGC organised the transportation of building materials for the reconstruction of Bucha in Ukraine. This is the first, but certainly not the last FAKRO aid activity for our eastern neighbours.


The town of Bucha has dramatically suffered in the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. For FAKRO it was another opportunity to provide help as Ukraine is a country where we have had our production plants and distribution centres for years.


“We are grateful and ready to expand our cooperation with the UN Global Compact, especially in the context of the necessary rebuild of Ukraine. We are a reliable and committed partner, therefore the UNGC can count on us.” commented by Paweł Dziekoński, Vice President of the FAKRO Group. “Like the UNGC, FAKRO is also active in the field of emission reduction. We are aware of the fact that Polish wood from forests owned by the State Forests National Forest Holding is increasingly exported (more than 25% of the wood volume harvested), increasing the emission effect instead of reducing it. We are in favour of processing natural resources as far as possible on site. We declare our broad compliance in all areas represented by the UN Global Compact.” added by Paweł Dziekoński.


The UNGC is an agreement to encourage business to adopt a responsible business strategy. The organisation, which has been operating since 1999, is a structure based on 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour law, natural environment and anti-corruption. The organisation brings together agencies, workplaces and civic movements. It is the largest global CSR initiative associating 13,000 organisations.