International Design Competition - „FAKRO fusion - before & after”

"FAKRO fusion - before & after”

Dark and forgotten attic spaces, full of useless items, thanks to present fashion for living under the roof became popular in interior design and architecture all over the world.

The enormous arrangement potential of interiors in the attic results from their unusual shape, which is dictated by the diversified construction of the roof structures. Benefits arising in connection with this fact can be achieved exclusively through an individual approach to each project.

However, the most important element of this puzzle is light. Indeed, the light is the main interior designer, creating the space and contributing to arranging a cosy room on a small area under the roof. In addition to visual aspect, it has a tremendous impact on the mood in the building, enhance creative thinking and has influence on proper growing up of our children.

FAKRO, a global player in the manufacture of roof windows, perfectly knows and understands this change. On behalf of FAKRO company and BIMobject we have the pleasure to invite architects from all around the world to take part in “FAKRO fusion – before and after” competition where they can present the transformation of dark and dusty space under the roof into bright and functional interior.

Criteria of the Competition:

  • using dark and forgotten space and designing in its place, functional interior full of natural light, interior arrangement with light “light-shadow” in the interior design
  • applying to the project any windows available in FAKRO product range (sloping and flat roofs), showing the interior before and after applying FAKRO products
  • the internal area of windows used in the project should be at least 20% of the floor surface in the room
  • presenting the object before and after renovation in the form of photos, renderings, visualisations, rebuilding projects, sketches

Deadline for submitting projects: 16.10.2017 - 20.02.2018


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  • I place 5000 Euro   
  • II place 3000 Euro  
  • III place 2000 Euro
  • 5x Distinction



International Design Competition - „FAKRO fusion - before & after”



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International Design Competition - „FAKRO fusion - before & after”



International Design Competition - „FAKRO fusion - before & after”