FAKRO good practices in the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report.

FAKRO good practices in the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report.


As many as three FAKRO good practices have been included in the latest report titled ”Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. This report is published annually by the Responsible Business Forum. This is the largest review of initiative involving CS, ESG and sustainable development in Poland. The 21st edition presented 1,705 actions taken by 272 companies.


FAKRO was recognised for its efforts for the benefit of employees and their families, the project of continuous building and promoting organisational culture in the internal community and its commitment to helping Ukraine.


CSR activities are in line with the company’s policy and GO GREEN philosophy: We design, plan and produce with care for the environment. Offering eco-friendly and energy-efficient products has been encoded in the company’s DNA. 


FAKRO organises a number of initiatives to integrate the team of employees, many of them becoming permanent fixtures in the calendar: May Day Picnic, Children’s Day or carnival party for employees’ children. FAKRO also supports the local community by engaging in various aid, educational, sports and cultural events.


A major undertaking demonstrating the power of aid and the big hearts of our employees are the actions for Ukraine. In Poland, 205 people were hosted following the initiative of FAKRO and the Think about the Future Foundation. They were provided with transport and accommodation as well as support in handling official matters. The collection of clothing and hygiene items was organised. FAKRO assisted in finding work and housing.  Humanitarian aid worth nearly PLN 2 million was provided by 11 convoys comprising 29 trucks. The FAKRO Logistics Centre in Lviv was used for reloading goods. Medical equipment was transported and tactical clothing for the army was purchased. Building materials were sent to Bucha in cooperation with the UN Global Compact.


FAKRO’s organisational structure is based on four pillars, which are the company’s values: development, innovation, responsibility, credibility. FAKRO employees stand out with consistent values, attitudes and principles of conduct. This stems from the Employee Set of Guidelines and the FAKRO Code of Ethics. These Guidelines comprise 10 key rules:

  1. We are responsible every single day
  2. We carry out our duties in a reliable manner
  3. We organise our work and time well
  4. We build mutual relationships
  5. We work as a team
  6. We use our potential
  7. We stay healthy
  8. We discuss problems
  9. We recognise the importance of appreciation and recognition at work
  10. We care about the company’s reputation


“Corporate social responsibility is part of our daily activities. We always say that trust is the foundation of a strong brand. It is built on the quality of products and good relations with the environment, both external and internal. FAKRO follows good practices and we are delighted that being included in the report we can also be inspired by experience of other companies”, commented by Bożena Damasiewicz, FAKRO Organisational and Administrative Director.


FAKRO good practices in the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report.


“Although ESG issues are discussed more and more often, the implementation of ambitious corporate responsibility measures has been accompanied by a number of challenges in recent years, since last year also related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This reflects the nature of the 21st edition of our report, showing a significant increase in practices in the area of human rights. I hope that this publication will traditionally be a practical tool providing a great dose of inspiration and knowledge about key aspects of sustainable development”, concluded by Marzena Strzelczak, President and CEO of the Responsible Business Forum, Board Member of the CSR Europe.


The “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report is the most important cyclical publication of the Responsible Business Forum issued since 2002.  This report is an overview of the activities undertaken by companies that have reported their actions in the area of CSR, ESG and sustainable development and summarises the most important issues related to responsible business in a given year in Poland.


The Responsible Business Forum, the largest and longest-operating organisation dealing with CSR and ESG, publishes the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report in a comprehensive way each year. The main part of the publication is a summary of CSR and sustainable development activities carried out by the companies in the previous year.


The report prepared by the Responsible Business Forum was presented for the first time on 17 April at the Central House of Technology in Warsaw. The event was accompanied by a discussion panel on the challenges and tensions involving meeting environmental and social goals by business.


A special guest taking part in the event was Professor Marcin Napiórkowski who gave a lecture on the narration related to key aspects of sustainable development. The European context of challenges in the field of  Social Green Deal was discussed by Hana Kreso, CSR Europe Project Manager.


FAKRO good practices in the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report.