FAKRO granted with Brands for Poland award

The FAKRO Company has been granted Brands for Poland award. The originator of the action is Brief magazine which to celebrate 25th anniversary of gaining freedom by Poland honoured brands shaping the image of modern, creative and economically strong Poland – in three categories: company's brand; people who are brand of Poland and places that are associated with Poland. On this occasion, on 2 October at the Pure Sky Club Business Centre in Warsaw, official gala was held during which winners have been granted awards.


FAKRO – vice leader of the global roof window sector found itself among distinguished companies. The company has its own modern R&D centre and has filed over 100 patent applications. FAKRO numerous design solutions pave the way for new developments in the roof window sector all over the world. The FAKRO Group, which employs more than 3 300 people, consists of 12 production companies and 16 distribution companies, located in Europe, Asia and America. FAKRO products can be found in more than 50 countries around the globe.

FAKRO is among the following brands: 4F, Asseco Poland, Atlas, CD PROJEKT, DICE+, Dr Irena Eris, GPW, Hortex, Inglot Cosmetics, KGHM, Lotos, LOTTO, Oknoplast, PESA, PKO, Platige Image, PLL LOT, PZU, Reserved, Solaris, Verva, Wyborowa, X-TB, Żubrówka.

As highlighted by Brief magazine editors, honoured companies make Poland famous abroad showing that it is worth to boast of the fact that we are from Poland. These brands bring about the greatest potential in strengthening vision of our country, both in minds of Poles and foreigners – potential tourists and investors.

The awards ceremony was preceded by a debate „How to effectively build the image of Poland”. Participants of the discussion were looking for answers to questions what in the most lasting way builds a strong image of the country and what is the most effective in such activities – campaigns or creating and promoting specific brands and who should deal with building the image of our country.

This is for us a very valuable award. Especially, since established by Ryszard Florek Think About the Future Foundation aims to involve all citizens in the economic development of Poland. – commented present during the awards ceremony Janusz Komurkiewicz, Marketing Director and Member of Board of FAKRO.

Brochure prepared on the basis of statistical data and experiences of FAKRO “We should build together our wealth; why we earn in Poland 4 times less when compared to rich countries of Western Europe and why we stopped approaching them” can be found on website of the Foundation: