FAKRO is the first Polish company in terms of the numer of patent applications filed according to the European Patent Office

As reported by the European Patent Office, FAKRO was among the top ten Polish companies in terms of the number of patent applications filed in 2023. Last year, the company filed 12 patent applications, which puts it in first place among Polish companies.

FAKRO is known for its innovative solutions. In its over 30-year history, the company has filed over 245 patent applications. We have our own modern research and development center. Over two hundred engineers work on product development. On the international arena, FAKRO exports not only roof windows, but also Polish technical know-how, building the strength of the Polish economy. I am proud of the creativity of our team. Thanks to it, our clients live comfortably and safely - comments Ryszard Florek, President of FAKRO and author of 85 patent applications.

In 2023, FAKRO submitted 14 patent applications to the Polish Patent Office and 12 patent applications to the European Patent Office. The number of applications from Poland is growing almost four times faster than the number of applications from the whole world. A high growth rate is also observed in patents granted to Poles. In 2023, there were 258 of them, and the increase compared to 2022 was by 37.2%. Poland is the seventh country in Europe in terms of the growth rate of applications and the tenth country in the world.

Some of the most interesting patent applications that FAKRO submitted to the European Patent Office are:

  • Roof window with at least one window frame and a flange of the lower stile of the window frame
  • Window frame with corners
  • Window frame with a filling profile
  • Window frame with air supply duct
  • Roof window with a glazing unit
  • Handle for adjusting the positions of the movable and fixed components of the structural element

Box construction lock Hinge connecting the fixed and movable components of a structural element, especially attic stairs