FAKRO light tunnel appreciated by Malaysians

FAKRO is a leading manufacturer of roof windows and loft ladders known all over the world. FAKRO-branded products can be found in over 50 countries. “We offer innovative products of the highest quality and we are present wherever there is a demand for the company's products” – Rafał Rynduch working in FAKRO Export Department explains the global success of the company.

This time, FAKRO products gained recognition in Malaysia. The light tunnel was appreciated by Malaysians and selected as the winner of the main prize in the Good Design Award competition organized by HomeDec. This platform provides its users with innovative solutions and is addressed to people who built or renovate their homes.

An example of such innovative solution is the light tunnel awarded in the competition and recommended for buildings where it is impossible to install roof or vertical windows. This light tunnel offered by FAKRO provides abundance of natural light into the building, enhancing the user's comfort and ensuring energy savings.

Users of the portal seeking for an inspiration could see this innovative solution during the trade fair organized by HomeDec between 22-25 October 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.