FAKRO’s Mooiste: a beautiful cycling event for charity

On Sunday July 8th 2018 FAKRO Netherlands, in collaboration with the organization Omloop der Zevenheuvelen, organized a cycling event for charity. It’s the first year this event has been organized in the beautiful surroundings of the town Berg en Dal in the south-east of the Netherlands. A large group of cyclists, more than 500 people, showed up at the start of the tour on Sunday morning.

The tour
The tour started at 8.00 on one of the seven hills in the city Berg en Dal on what promised to be a beautiful, sunny day. And it was. The Zevenheuvelenweg, or seven hills road, was a great starting point for all the cyclists who entered the event. From the start they had to put an effort into climbing several hills, a good challenge for the leg muscles. The tour took the cyclists through other beautiful parts of the region and even through some parts of Germany. They could choose distances of 40, 80, 100 and 120 kilometers. After the contestants finished, they could enjoy a cold drink and get a snack at the finish area: Village Départ.

Charity proceeds
FAKRO Netherlands didn’t just want to organize a cycling event to put the beautiful region (Groesbeek and Berg en Dal) on the map for the rest of the country, but also wanted to add a social character by collecting money for charity. The charity, Energy4all, helps children and grown-ups who suffer from the disease ‘energy metabolism disorder’ by doing research to find a cure. There still is no medicine for this disease and a large number of children die before the age of 10. FAKRO hopes to have helped this cause with the proceeds of the cycling event FAKRO’s Mooiste. The proceeds, which mainly came from donations from the contestants and FAKRO, that will go to the charity this year are: € 1500,-.

Next year

FAKRO Netherlands and Omloop der Zevenheuvelen have already agreed to organize another edition of the cycling event FAKRO’s Mooiste in 2019. FAKRO hopes to make it even bigger, better and more beautiful. Also, they hope to collect more money for charity. The event will take place in the beginning of July.