FAKRO’s position for the media

In connection with the global problem of the coronavirus spread, FAKRO would like to ensure that it is constantly monitoring dynamically changing situation and taking appropriate measures. 

FAKRO, a worldwide vice-leader in the production of roof windows, participates in the global supply chain. The situation of FAKRO is stable, we manufacture products, accept orders and deliver goods according to orders placed. We put every effort to fulfil our agreements with our partners. Nevertheless, the health and life of our employees is our highest value. Therefore,  we keep an eye on the situation in Poland and around the world, staying open to various scenarios. 

In the interest of the safety of our employees and visitors, we have taken protective measures and implemented suitable procedures. Examples of restrictions include suspension of all business trips and visitor visits until further notice. Employees returning from business trips, including drivers, are prohibited from moving around the premises. We replace both internal and external meetings with teleconferences. We run e-mail and phone consultations. We equip our employees and partners, who ensure continuity of work by supplying raw materials, with protective masks. We have also limited the internal movement of employees. In addition, we widely use disinfectants in the company.

Administration employees are gradually allowed to work remotely. Employees at production departments carry out their tasks following procedures to ensure their safety.  

At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees who come to work and are with us during this difficult time. We are aware that we would all prefer to stay at home. This makes us all the more appreciate those who, in the interest of maintaining business continuity and minimising the inevitable negative consequences of the pandemic, show their special commitment and dedication. As FAKRO, we support the “Stay at Home” campaign, but we realise that today not everyone can afford this comfort.