FAKRO successful ArchitekTOUR 2017 exhibitor

FAKRO, the vice-leader in the global market of roof windows, cooperates closely with architects and companies, specialized in collaboration with architectural environment. The manufacturer finds architects as an important group. Designers use FAKRO innovative products in their projects. Moreover, the roof window manufacturer is able to create non-standard solutions according to architects’ vision. The company constantly creates tools and products in order to support them in their daily work.

The Heinze ArchitekTOUR is an extraordinary series of events, which take place in six places in Germany. The leitmotiv of this year’s edition is "Architecture of everyday life”. During the ArchitekTOUR internationally recognized architects and engineers are in the spotlight. Moreover, the leading manufacturers have a chance to present the innovative products and enable participants to experience a special combination of inspiration, information and networking. FAKRO the vice-leader in the global market of roof windows also presents its latest solutions in six cities: Hamburg, Leipzig, Darmstadt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich.

The main objective of ArchitekTOUR were 19 lectures conducted by outstanding urban and architectural experts, such as planners, practitioners and theoreticians. They could inspire listeners with fresh ideas and already implemented projects. Moreover, presentations of 37 manufacturers provided the opportunity for professional discussions. FAKRO Dachfenster GmbH stand also became a well-visited meeting point. The company presented its innovations and made lectures.

After events in six German cities, FAKRO achieved a very positive result:

"Architects have appreciated our DXW flat roof window since it was launched. The special design features, allows the user to walk across its surface freely. FAKRO stand had a great interest, we can judge not only from the number of visitors but mainly due to accurate questions received from them, concerning the technical features of our innovative flat roof windows, specially DXW. Some architects have also begun to reflect on the benefits and opportunities for modern architecture and building design." explains Gunnar Pischer, responsible for cooperation with planners and architects at FAKRO." We are very pleased with many constructive discussions as they provide us with inspiration and impulse for our marketing and future sales activities. ArchitekTOUR is a great importance to us because it enables us to establish first contact and personal dialogue with architects. "

FAKRO will also present its solutions at the ArchitekTOUR congress in Essen (19 Oct) and Berlin (23 Nov) and thus the completion of ArchitekTOUR 2017.