FAKRO to be one of the most recognized brands

FAKRO, a global vice-leader in the manufacture of roof windows reached top 5 brand awareness and preference in Daylight solutions category, according to the European Architectural Barometer Report. FAKRO brand was chosen spontaneously by architects from five countries: Italy, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

The objective of the European Architectural Barometer of Arch-Vision is to offer profound insight into the current economic situation and trends among architectural companies across eight European countries. The report is published by Arch-Vision, a sister company of USP Marketing Consultancy, BouwKennis, BauInfoConsult GmbH and BuildInfoConsult. These are major agencies which provide a full-service market research for the construction and real estate market.

This quarterly report Q1 2017 contains the Overview Brand Awareness, titled LOVE BRANDS of European architects. The research was based on architects' comments on brands, which they spontaneously know. When they were asked to list brands that supply daylight solutions, the FAKRO brand was mentioned by architects from five out of eight countries. The brand reached the third place in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK; second in Poland and fifth in Italy.

“We treat building brand awareness and easy FAKRO brand perception as essential, especially among professionals. Architects as very important group and we strongly focus on cooperation with them in order to support their daily work. We are proud of the the European Architectural Barometer Report results”, commented Sławomir Gawlik, Marketing Director of FAKRO Group.