FAKRO to have partnered the 6th ECCE 2024 Scientific and Technical Conference

FAKRO was a Partner of the unique 6th ECCE 2024 Scientific and Technical Conference, which took place in Opole. This year’s event has been accompanied by the “Environmental Challenges in Civil Engineering” slogan. FAKRO was represented by Izabela Szczurek, e-Training Section Leader. The conference provided a comprehensive platform to discuss the myriad challenges ahead of the construction industry in the face of rapid climate change. As the event is international, it has attracted specialists and experts from all over the world, sparking conversations and a fruitful exchange of ideas.

The conference not was not only scientific, but also educational and instructional. Members of the scientific staff from many domestic and foreign research centres participated in the meeting, presenting the results of the latest research. The event was also attended by entrepreneurs, local government officials, employees of construction supervision authorities and architectural and construction administration.

During the conference, Izabela Szczurek presented FAKRO’s activities aimed at sustainable development and environmental responsibility. "Events like these are invaluable opportunities for us to not only showcase our dedication to sustainability but also to learn from others in the field and collaborate towards innovative solutions. We are grateful for the chance to have been part of such an enriching conference and look forward to continuing our efforts to make a positive impact in the construction industry and beyond," commented by Izabela Szczurek.

The conference took place in the building of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture of the Opole University of Technology on 22-24 April.

FAKRO to have partnered the 6th ECCE 2024 Scientific and Technical Conference