Five years of sharing knowledge at the FAKRO training centre

FAKRO Netherlands celebrated a special anniversary in March 2017. The roof window manufacturer opened the doors to a brand new training centre five years ago on March 23rd 2012. A place where processors and resellers can learn more about the product. In the meantime FAKRO looks back on a successful program, more than 800 building professionals already took part in it and a part of that group comes back every year to learn more. That is how a group of FAKRO Specialists was created.

Why a training program?
For FAKRO Netherlands this was a logical choice. “As a producer you are responsible for the quality of your product. But this process doesn’t end at the moment that the product comes out of the factory. The pathway of advice and mounting that follows is also crucial. It’s up to us as the supplier to make sure that these parties get the right knowledge to carry out there profession even better. The training centre provides this space. “ – says Theo Peters, director FAKRO Netherlands. The program focuses on the processors of roof windows and other related products, but also on the resellers who would like to give good substantiated advice. They are all welcome at the training centre.

The FAKRO Specialist
An important part of the training program is the FAKRO Specialist. These are mounting companies who have a high standard of craftsmanship and believe in continuous growth. They follow a special training path and certify themselves for the title of specialist. FAKRO Netherlands believes in this group and promotes it actively. This, for example, happens through the online platform ‘’, a place where home owners can request for an offer or an assignment. Because of this, FAKRO specialists have become a special part of the program. They come to a training at least yearly and have gained knowledge on different levels. Some of the specialists have been narrowly connected to the program from the very beginning. And you can see, they have become familiar faces within the FAKRO office.

Vision for the future
For FAKRO the training program keeps being an important part of the company. “Make no mistake, keeping the program running takes up a lot of time and energy, but it’s worth it. We have an enthusiastic group of recurring participants and we see the involvement back in the field. This gives us more new energy to keep going.” In the future FAKRO wants to expand the training program. “We have noticed that the participants are very excited to learn more on different levels. We make it possible. Think of a commercial selling training or a legal training. The last one we had recently for the members of ‘Zelfstandigen Bouw’, an organization that helps the self-employed in the building sector. “

Participating in a FAKRO training is free. The only thing we ask is some time and enthusiasm. Standard training program starts with a basic knowledge training. After following that training, interested participants can go through to the next trainings.