FAKRO windows at Love It or List It

FAKRO windows have featured in another TV show. In addition to Netflix, their unique qualities can be watched in the latest episode of the American Love It or List It home design TV show. This time the interior design is complemented by FAKRO-branded FX skylights.

The format of the show is that the well-known designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin visit houses of different families. Hilary fulfills the dreams of the homeowners by designing the interior, supervising renovation and construction works. By contrast, David presents them with real estate offers while encouraging to sell their current property and  buy a new house. The whole thing is a competition between two experts. Hillary’s goal is to make the interior design that will convince the family to stay at home. On the other hand, David does as much as he can to sell it and find them a new place of residence.

FAKRO windows also found their way to the home of Hilary Farr in North Carolina.

Our windows make attics all over the world abundant in daylight. Natural light is responsible for a pleasant atmosphere, increased living comfort and has a positive impact on our health.

Love It or List It is aired by HGTV, W Network and OWN Canada.