FAKRO with 'Oscar of Design'

An official awards ceremony Red Dot Design 2016 was held on 4 July in the Aalto Theater in Essen. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design given every year to companies, which set new direction of development in the field of design. The international jury responsible for granting awards consists of outstanding individuals. FAKRO, which is famous for innovative, functional as well as characterized by impeccable aesthetics products has been given this prestigious award. A trophy which is known as 'Oscar of Design' was awarded to the DEF DU6 flat roof window.

We follow the current trends in the construction and industrial design. FAKRO is the author of over 140 patent applications. We are aware of the fact that the modern customer needs the product which is functional and at the same time aesthetic, therefore innovative design gives us a way to design products”, commented with pride by Wacław Majoch, FAKRO Design Team Manager.

The event brought together more than 1200 guests from 57 countries. Representatives of FAKRO, Polish winner of this year's edition, were also present among manufacturers and designers.

The Red Dot Design awards ceremony puts the seal on one of the most important industrial design competitions in the world which enjoys a 60-year tradition.

Gunnar Pischer, Distribution Specialist and Architect Advisor, highlighted that FAKRO team using the DEF DU6 flat roof window managed to make a quantum leap in the field of product design and combine extraordinary quality of FAKRO products with high aesthetic requirements.