FAKROteam planted trees on the occasion of World Tree Day

FAKROteam planted trees on the occasion of World Tree Day


On the occasion of World Tree Day, which falls on October 10th, FAKRO employees planted trees. This symbolic action under the slogan "The Future is Green" showed that the company and its employees are responsible for the world and people.


The initiative received a lot of interest from employees. They sent in numerous photos and videos, showing how they plant trees with their loved ones after work, contributing to CO2 reduction.


We are pleased with the commitment of our employees. They have shown solidarity with the team, not for the first time, in the name of the greater good and a shared cause. We are inspired by your attitude. We need more of such actions and examples, summarizes Joanna Rumin, PR Specialist at FAKRO.


Each tree absorbs approximately 7 kg of CO2 per year while producing around 120 kg of oxygen annually. Each employee's action is like a brick building a better quality of life for future generations.


Within the premises of Polish production companies, there are approximately 7 hectares of green space. Additionally, near the company, 30 hectares of energy-crop willow have been developed. The energy-crop willow plantation is one of the solutions helping us reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy sources. Burning energy-crop willow emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases than burning fossil fuels like coal or oil.


We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment, which is why we have implemented an ESG strategy and published the FAKRO Sustainable Development Report "Together towards a Green Future."